Life events


For details of Brits, please contact The Initiation Society on 0208 455 5059.

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

Children can be prepared for Bat and Bar-Mitzvah by arrangement. The Synagogue is of course available for the services. Please contact for more information.


We are very happy to host wedding services in our delightful little shul. If you would like to contact us regarding your forthcoming wedding, please e-mail the Secretary.

Stays in hospital

If you or your family are in hospital and wish to have a visit from the Chaplain, they are happy to visit. Contact Chaplain by email, or phone the Colchester General Hospital (01206 747474), ask for the Duty Chaplain, and ask her/him to contact the Jewish hospital Chaplain.


Several people have asked what steps have to be taken when someone dies. There is a lot to know, and here are people who can help.

If the death is in hospital the hospital authorities will help you with the legalities. However, you cannot be certain that the hospital staff will know that the deceased is Jewish as they do not always ask the religion on admission. So it is essential that the family makes sure on admission or when the situation becomes critical that the ward staff are aware that the patient is Jewish. If someone dies elsewhere, the situation is more complicated.

If the deceased was a member of the United Synagogue Burial Scheme, contact us using the form and we willarrange for the the necessary information to be passed to you, to allow you to contact the United Synagogue Burial office who will then liaise with the hospital and arrange the burial. However, they will not collect the body until all the legalities are taken care of. The United Synagogue Burial Scheme telephone number is 020 8950 7767, but it is not answered personally on Shabbat. There is an answering machine and someone will call back as soon as Shabbat is over.

If the deceased was not a member of the United Synagogue Burial Scheme, or you wish to be buried in the Jewish part of the Cemetery in Colchester contact usand we will arrange to notify the Colchester Cemetery authorities who can start to prepare for a funeral right away.

More detailed information about what to do can be found here: When Someone Dies_Feb_2021