Colchester and District Jewish Community


The Jewish Cemetery in Colchester

Colchester now has a Jewish cemetery. This allows CDJC to provide funeral services for Jews of all shades of observance. While the cemetery does not belong to us, anyone approaching the Cemetery Office (telephone 01206 282950) wanting an Orthodox burial will be referred to us to ensure that they are halachically Jewish and therefore entitled to an Orthodox burial. If they do not want an Orthodox service they are entitled to a non-Orthodox funeral without reference to us. However, we are happy to conduct such services.

For burials contact Roberta, telephone 01206 762213.

Here is a picture of the Jewish Cemetery portion of the beautiful Colchester Cemetery. It was taken by an amateur (David), so better will come soon.
Note the excellent hand washing facility that the cemetery staff have built for us. The Orthodox section is the far part, with one grave and stone in it. The Liberal section is the close part, just before a burial. There is clear dividing path.

A grey day: 7 May 2013

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