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The Czech Connection

Colchester Synagogue is privileged to hold a scroll from pre-Holocaust Strakonice in Czechoslovakia
It is catalogued by the Memorial Scrolls Trust as MST65.
We have established and maintained relations with Strakonice. Click on the picture of interest to see it in full precision.
One of the events was the dedication of a memorial Menorah commissioned and fund raised by one of the teachers and several students at their high school in 2009. A group of members were invited to the event, expecting it to be low key. It was national news, with ambassadors, MEPs and much press and television, and our members as honoured guests.

Our Strakonice Torah was taken to the ceremony which was hugely appreciated by the town.

The Strakonice Holocaust Memorial
The Strakonice Memorial
The Strakonice Scroll.
This beautiful Torah is on permanent loan from the Czech Scrolls Trust.
It is being held by Pavel, the teacher from Strakonice.
The Czech Torah
The Colchester Visitors to the dedication of the memorial along with the Israeli Ambassidor and the Mayor of Strakonice.
Colchester Visitors and Dignitaries
Aden walking to light a Memorial candle.
Walking to light a candle
A picture from a Czech national newspaper of Aden lighting a candle.
Aden lignting a candle
The students and their teacher who initiated the project and had done much research into the holocaust, came to visit us. They taught, and displayed the Menorah project at Colchester Grammar School. They took part in the Holocaust Memorial Service at Essex University, showing the project there as well. We first met them in Strakonice in 2008, and this visit was in 2009. The students giving a talk at Colchester Grammar about the Menorah project. Talk at CGS
Showing the students and the teacher the Strakonice scroll. Showing the scroll The beautiful ivory handles on the Strakonice scroll. The scroll handles
Roberta compiled a list of all of those who died in the camps who came from Strakonice and Pisek. Why Pisek, a town some 15km from Strakonice? That will become clear later. The scroll handles A day off for the students and teacher in Cambridge. The scroll handles
Our beautiful Torah from the Czech Republic had a mystery. It was labelled both Pisek and Strakonice. Roberta and David went on a detective hunt in 2006, which, if David can find them, pictures will be on this gallery.

Soon will follow some pictures from a follow-up visit from several members of the committee to the two towns, where we were royally received.

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