Message from our Hospital Chaplain

This is just a brief notice about hospital visiting.

It’s become obvious over the past couple of years that stays in hospital are becoming shorter; many are now either day or overnight cases.

This makes visiting difficult, and in many cases, impossible and  I have come to the conclusion that for most cases, visiting will shift from hospital to home.  So I’m suggesting that if you’re going into hospital or have already been discharged and want someone to visit you at home, just call  me and I will come over, or if you like, talk on the phone. My number is 01206 762213.     It would be helpful to have a partner in this, so any offers will be gratefully received.

Of course, if you want a hospital visit, just tell the ward staff and they’ll contact me.  I should say that this doesn’t stop your friends and family from visiting you, but I can visit at any time, not just during visiting hours.

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