Community Action Panel Meetings

Please allow me to introduce the Local Community Action Panel (LCAPs) meetings to you. These meetings take place in each zone in Colchester at least three times each year.

It is a panel to which residents as well as the Police, Safer Colchester officers and Councillors are invited to; so that the community get together face to face to discuss issues which affect the community. Local Community Action Panels work with the Community to address crime, anti-social behaviour and quality of life issues within the Borough. The panel serves to identify and achieve short, medium and long term solutions to local community needs.

Residents of Colchester are invited to come along to the meeting to raise any issues concerning you or your local community that need addressing.

Issues discussed could range from pot holes to speeding to safety in the community to just about anything which a resident feels very concerned about which affects the whole community or even a specific portion of the community.

As residents in Colchester, we would like to invite you to attend these meetings as and when you can.

We will be sending you invitations and updates to future LCAP meetings nearer to the time that they are about to occur.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could advertise these meetings to your congregation and also remind your congregation to try and attend these meetings should there be any community issues they would like to raise or just find out more information about.

For further information, please contact

Thank you

Kind Regards

Sandra Solomon
Community Services Projects Assistant
Community Services
Colchester Borough Council
Tel: 01206 507854
text phone users dial 18001 followed by the full number you wish to call.

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